Collaborations entre l'American College of Psychoanalysis et l'A2IP

Depuis 2014 l'A2IP et l'American College of Psychoanalysis organisent les colloques internationaux en langue anglaise. On trouvera ci-dessous des programmes des précedents colloques. Le prochain annoncé dans le programme 2016-2017, aura lieu en Avignon en mai 2017 sur le thème " Protester, Contester, Construire". 


Sharing a regulation of life in common implies a harmony which is not obvious, it requires agreements which are often difficult to find and to carry out, and must always be renewed. On the contrary, when people are forced to accept an order, it produces a reaction disorder in form of protest which can soon become a revolt.  At the same time this entails temporarily a barren and destructive freezing and loss of confidence in the virtues of dialogue. Psychoanalysis proposes a dynamic approach of this situation, which societies experience in larger or smaller groups, at interpersonal level in family and couple.  One-time protests, and the challenging of a situation which the protagonists do not find suitable any more will be compared with the manner in which a” mobile order”, if any order is to stay alive, has to be constructed.


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